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American Bull-Jack

bull jack

The American Bull-Jack is a newer crossbreed originating for dog parents who need a loyal, active pup at their sides. This is a cross between the relentlessly loyal, often silly American Bulldog and the small but feisty Jack Russell Terrier. For experienced, confident dog parents, this breed is sure to only keep growing loyal fans.

The American Bull-Jack’s parent breeds come from unique backgrounds. The Jack Russell Terrier used to run along hunters on horseback in pursuit of foxes.  Today, the breed is often a spirited family pet. Many regard the American Bulldog as a “tough guy” because of their name and stature. However, their playfulness and love for their families shines through in their personalities.

The American Bull-Jack’s status as a crossbreed means that they’re unlikely to be found up for adoption. Still, there are millions of dogs waiting for homes in shelters. When looking for a specific breed, make an effort to adopt from a shelter or rescue. It’s important to keep in mind that given how uncommon this breed mix is and how similar they may appear to other breeds, they might not be recognized by shelters and may simply be listed as a mixed breed.

Read on for a detailed list of characteristics of the American Bull-Jack.

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